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My name is tammi swanson. I am a photographer, a children's clothing designer, and a stylist. I have also been a model, and a hair and makeup artist. My life, it seems, has always been surrounded by photo shoots and the fashion industry. My passion is children's editorial photography, and children's clothing. The stylist in me is always searching for the perfect items for photo shoots, so I have finally decided to turn my ideas into a children's collection. I see the end result, which is the photo shoot, in my head, and that is where I begin. I describe my designs to my pattern maker, we work out all of the details, and then I shoot the pieces the way I have them envisioned. It's all about creating a story, the mood, the beauty of childhood. I love the children in rennaisance paintings, pale sea and sand colors and tree-lined paths. I love formal gardens, small towns, farms and the countryside. Hopefully, some of you love these things too. This blog will tell the behind the scenes story of how it all comes together. Including what's really going on before, during, and after the photo shoots!

"Ophelia" tulle skirt giveaway!

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the "Ophelia" tulle skirt

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ophelia en Noir

Here is our most recent opal shoot. Mia had a hard time getting excited for the shoot until Kayla, the horse, volunteered to help out. There were issues with such things as hairstyle, and the fact that the boys were having way more fun catching crawdads. Her face completely lit up when the horse got involved! These were taken on my in-laws property in Southern Washington. It is so amazing there, I could shoot the whole line in one week with unlimited locations! Maybe someday......The skirt is the "Ophelia" bustle skirt with matching corset top and a silvery silk peasant blouse.

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